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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Into The Wilds Of Karen And Rest For The Weary

Rest Stops: Quick Guide
Travelling via Langata Road the main feeder leading into the wilds of Langata and Karen, locations still teeming with wildlife in and outside the Nairobi National Park, has become a nightmare.

With major construction work starting from the Kenya Wildlife Service main gate through to the world famous Bomas of Kenya, trying to make any destination in under 2 hours is all but impossible.
Say good bye to a day trip to this area.
Say hello though to a great over-nighter, the perfect spot to start off local Karengata safari.
Nestled in a private alcove is a property that offers elegant charm and hospitality for the tiredly hot and bothered. Under 8 minutes away from David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, 2 minutes from Bomas, is a rather delectable old house built in the 1950's, known as Murangi House. Recently refurbished yet maintaining some of its period features, the charming 6 bedroom, home-away-from-home, enjoys lots of history. Mrs. Dorothy Hughes East Africa's first Kenyan woman architect, famous for other projects such as Rift Valley Sports Club, Princess Elizabeth Hospital, takes credit here too. This year the property where it is located Forest Edge Gardens has been nominated for both Best Residential Infrastructure Development in Africa and Best Architectural Design in Africa categories, Africa Real Estate and Housing Finance Academy Awards.
On the madness and badness up to Karen, required reading material for the road trip up, it has to be "Love, Life and Elephants -An African Love Story" by Dame Daphne Sheldrick.  The Trust which incorporates an Elephant Nursery, overseen by Sheldrick, offers love, supreme care  and hope for orphaned baby elephants. In her autobiography of a book, the good Dame offers insight into her life and loves.

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